Collection: Home featured - 2021 Optical

  • Steven III • Havana Tortoiseshell

    Our Iconic larger than life off round frame that is a favourite of many.

    Steven III • Black Gloss Steven III • Ink Blue Steven III • Tortoiseshell Steven III •Crystal
  • Ana III • Tortoiseshell

    Ana represents the style phenomenon that is the Italian woman. Strong, bold and confident, the over-sized face is reminiscent of the Italian “donna”.

    Ana III • Black Gloss Ana III • Crystal Ana III • Havana Tortoiseshell Ana III • Ink Blue
  • Hector III • Black Gloss

    Hector III is one of those amazing pieces you could wear for life, timeless and very confident of what it is.

    Hector III • Havana Tortoiseshell Hector III • Ink Blue Hector III • Tortoiseshell Hector III •Crystal