About Us


We are a leading British eyewear company and all styles are created and influenced by our unique British styling and Britishness. 

As our amazing journey has evolved we have been from London to Milan, back to London and now in 2020 and our 10th Anniversary we are incredibly and as an eyewear world first also based in Monaco. We now are the very first company to have eyewear Handmade in Monaco too.

At Eye Respect. We innovate, We sustain, We create. Often others copy.

The very name of our company goes a long way to explaining the motivation behind our existence. Pause and think for a moment...it's much more than a simple pun.

Whilst caring for the eyes of our customers, and offering the finest hand-crafted product at the correct price to market, we also set out on our mission to embrace, utilise and promote the work of our skilled artisan craftsmen and factories, and help the wider consumer understand exactly what goes in to landing a pair of our hand crafted sunglasses or spectacle frames on the end of one’s nose.

Our unique selection of eyewear boutiques we supply as well as our own concept stores and boutiques globally are of the very finest you will find.

Eye Respect is a part of the world renown GLBL Eyewear Group based in Monaco, MC.

PRESS RELEASE JANUARY 2023: In a first-of-its-kind collaboration between an eyewear company and the Principality of Monaco, EYE RESPECT is proud to present the MONACO by EYE RESPECT sunglasses collection.

The collection oozes simple class and sophistication, presenting the very finest quality materials and advanced sun lenses for each inimitable piece.

With features that include the official logos and colours of the Municipality of Monaco, the line pays homage to the extraordinary legacy of this most enchanting World Heritage site with its chic and colourful lifestyle, past and present.


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